The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging

image gently when we care for kids! The image gently Campaign is an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The campaign goal is to change practice by increasing awareness of the opportunities to promote radiation protection in the imaging of children.

Interventional Radiology: What can I do as a Parent? 

Be your child's advocate. If you know only one thing about imaging procedures in children, let it be that there is a growing awareness of the opportunities to lower and limit dose in medical imaging and intervention in children without compromising quality. Ask questions and then direct your pediatrician or radiologist to these pages.

Helpful to both care-providers and parents: tracking the number of radiologic procedures or studies children are exposed to helps inform treating physicians of recent similar exams or procedures, helping them to decide if more are necessary. Tracking the number of procedures and location where the images are stored can be helpful in alerting families and their care providers to the issue of radiation safety.

Similar to an immunization record, use your choice of record size to record where and when a study or procedure was performed. This is particularly important when medical care is provided by a variety of physicians/ emergency rooms/ hospitals and can help decrease the number of repetitive exams. 

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