The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging

image gently when we care for kids! The image gently Campaign is an initiative of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging. The campaign goal is to change practice by increasing awareness of the opportunities to promote radiation protection in the imaging of children.

Fluoroscoping Imaging - Pause and Pulse Resources

BRAND NEW Educational Modules - Image Gently:  Enhancing Radiation Protection in Pediatric Fluoroscopy

This is a FREE and downloadable educational tool to provide radiologic technologists with a full understanding of the safe operation of fluoroscopic devices on pediatric patients to reduce radiation exposure and the knowledge to act as leaders in radiation protection for children. These instructional materials provide practice-based information and instructions that go well beyond that provided in the typical textbook, current literature or manufacturer training materials. In addition, the modules provide educational resources/references that may be used by secondary audiences such as radiology trainees, radiologists and medical imaging physicists.

The following links are for the modules in a video format with narration and Close Captioning.  There is a brief demographic form to complete and it will then direct you to the module:

Section I:  An Introduction to Image Gently:  Enhancing Radiation Protection in Pediatric Fluoroscopy

Section II:  Steps to Manage Radiation Dose During the Examination

Section III:  Steps to Manage Radiation Dose and Possible Tissue Effects after a Fluoroscopic Procedure

For a PDF version of each module, click here:  Section 1     Section 2     Section 3

Radiology Technologists, earn FREE CE credit is easy for a radiologic technologist to earn category A credit after successfully viewing all three of the modules and completing the quiz for these courses.  To take the quiz that is for all three courses, click here to go to the courses in the ASRT Store and follow the checkout instructions to add the courses and quiz to your personal learning area for free. You will be able to print off a certificate of completion after successfully passing the quiz.



Image Gently, Pause and Pulse: Practice of ALARA in Pediatric Fluoroscopy - PowerPoint Presentation for use by providers to teach their staff methods to reduce dose and maintain quality. Radiologists are encouraged to give this talk locally.

Pause and Pulse Procedure Checklist for technologists - Dose reduction steps the team should review for each patient

Pause and Pulse Checklist for Physicians


Parent Brochures

Print an Image Gently - Pause and Pulse sticker here!

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