Would you like to tele-read as part of WFPI’s support for health facilities in Africa and Asia? Fill out this online form. English, Spanish, French and Portuguese speakers are welcome (current needs only for English, but expansion in view....)


If you belong to a society/group which is in turn a member of WFPI, would you like to participate in one of our working groups (committees)? Contribute to our education and training efforts, online and onsite for lower resource settings? If so, please contact wfpi.office@gmail.com


If your institution is looking to set up a multi-centre research project and you would like us to spread the word, contact wfpi.office@gmail.com



Do you have  ideas to share with us? On our work, our visibility or raising funds? All input welcome - please contact wfpi.office@gmail.com



WFPI tele-reading volunteers

From Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Cuba, Colombia, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain, Sri Lanka, the UK and the USA


Ahmed, Ahdil
Alvarez, Lina Cadavid
Andronikou, Savvas
Brandon, Jon
Castro, Denise
Chaudry, Farooq
Chen, Liying 
Chong, Eric
Cohen, Ron
Coley, Brian
Craw, Sue
Dangman, Barbara
Dellosso, Antonio
Desoky, Sarah
Djuricic, Goran
Du Plessis, Anne-Marie
Eldesouky, Ibrahim
Flores, Jose Antonio Monteiro
Gadhelha, Mirella
Gongxeka, Harlem

Hack, Johnny
Halliday, Katherine
Hite, Steve
Hui, Peter
Ip, Janice
Kashika, Shivali
Kelleher, Jerry
Kilborn, Tracy
Kovanlikaya, Arzu
La Torre, Antonio
Lau, Hin Yau
Lederman, Henrique
Makhanya, Nonjabula
Martinez, Léon
McHugh, Keiran
Mendelson, Kenneth L.
Moguillansky, Silvia
Montano, Mario
Moreira, Marcia
Naidu, Jaishree
Oller, Alicia
Owens, Catherine
Pacharn, Preeyacha
Pillay, Tanyia

Ramon, Rolano Dornes
Ravikanth, Balaji
Rodriguez, Janice Morales
Rooks, Veronica
Rousan, Liqa
Saigal, Gaurav
Shailam, Randheer
Silva, Cicero
Straface, Samuel
Udithamala, Priyanthi
Wahab, Shagufta
Westra, Sjirk
Whitely, Gillian
Wu, George
Yamanari, Mauricio
Zeng, Hongwu


Anoni, Clara
De Kinen, Ana Valdivia
Elizalde, Susana
Gonzales, Gabriela
Luna, Mirta Gricelda

Macho, Laura
Monge, María Isabel Barrantes
Ortiz, Jorge
Otano, Anisia
Perez Limepe, Liset Mejias
Terrazas-Loya, Victor
Valdivia, Maria
Valle, Luis 








 * Not "active" yet, waiting for a Spanish-speaking project