WFPI Annual Reports

Extract from the WFPI's Strategic Framework, 2012, “Institutional Guiding Principles”:

  1/ Accountability to members and donors, including financial transparency;
  2/ A reasonable ratio of project to operating costs, bearing in mind that many projects involve volunteer "donations in kind";
  3/ Guidance from the not-for-profit sector benchmark of 4 US$ raised for every 1$ invested. 

The President & Treasurer's Annual Report May 2012 - April 2013 was delivered on 15 May 2013 during the WFPI’s Annual Meeting

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Timothy Cain (AOSPR), Ines Boechat (SPR), Omolola Atalabi (AfSPI)

Quorum: full

Regional: AfSPI, AOSPR, ESPR, SLARP, SPR (click here)

National/supranational: BSPR, ISPR, SASPI, SFIPP (click here)


Online: Aadil Ahmed (South Africa, SASPI); Henri Ducou le Pointe (France, SFIPP); Goran Djuricic (Serbia, ESPR); Wendy Lam (Hong Kong, ASOPR); Silvia Moguillansky (Argentina, SLARP); Alexandra Monteiro (Brazil, SLARP); Catherine Owens (UK, ESPR); Erich Sorantin (Austria, ESPR); Rebecca Stein-Wexler (US, SPR); David Stringer (Singapore, AOSPR); Homer Zeng (China, AOSPR); Amanda Dehaye (France, WFPI staff). 


San Antonio, Texas, US (SPR Annual Meeting 2013): Savvas Andronikou (South Africa, AfSPI/SASPI); Omolola Monica Atalabi (Nigeria, AfSPI); Ines Boechat (US, SPR); Dorothy Bulas (US, SPR); Timothy Cain (Australia, AOSPR); Ronald Cohen (US, SPR); Kassa Darge (US, SPR); James Donaldson (US, SPR); Celia Ferrari (Argentina, SLARP); Bernard Laya (Philippines, AOSPR); Kieran McHugh (UK, BSPR/ESPR); Jaishree Naidoo (AfSPI/SASPI); Rutger Jan Nievelstein (Netherlands, ESPR); Vicci du Plessis (AfSPI/SASPI); Veronica Rookes (US, SPR); Akshay Saxena (India, ISPR); Jon Somers (UK, BSPR); Jennifer Boylan (US, SPR staff)


Approval of the Annual Report: unanimous

      Next year's Annual Meeting:

Amsterdam, ESPR 2014

Online presence welcomed too!