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Pediatric TB X-rays: clues from the FRONTAL film


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Pediatric TB X-rays: clues from the LATERAL film


Pediatric Tuberculosis & the WFPI 

The WFPI's participation in the European Pediatric Tuberculosis Conference held in Italy last year revealed a need for radiologists as partners.


1. Impact on diagnosis using radiology in low resource areas
2. Support facilities and activities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe – second opinion / volunteer tele-reading /  targeted education and training
(click here for the WFPI's TB project framework and here for its volume sweep imaging ultrasound TB plans)
3. Collect literature and build up web-based learning material on TB imaging in children and host on website as a reliable resource
4. Initiate and participate in pediatric TB research

Active WFPI TB tele-reading sites


Click here for Khayelitsha, Western Cape, South Africa

Click here for the TB tele-reading work performed for MSF 


Inaugural meeting, WFPI TB Group, May 2013 (meetings to be held annually)

Savvas Andronikou (South Africa; Convener / TB group leader / AfSPI)
Maria Ines Boechat (Brazil / USA; WFPI president)
Bernie Laya (Phillipines)
Omolola Atalabi (Nigeria; vice President AfSPI)
Ron Cohen (USA; WFPI contributer / outreach to Zimbabwe and Zambia)

The group also includes In-One Kim (AOSPR/Korea)

The group's logo:

Click here for minutes 

Current TB network

Baylor College of Medicine
CDC Atlanta
Stanford University Hospital
ISR/TB Steering Group, 
Stop TB Strategy Unit , WHO
Imaging the World
European PTBNET
Doctors for Africa - CUAMM
German Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

International networking required

 Partnerships under active exploration

Baylor School of Medicine, USA: meeting held on June 2013 at Benoni, South Africa, during a BIPAI training session. Project collaboration under review in Swaziland.

Stanford University, USA -> WFPI TB's work in South Africa (resident work with US swipes in cine loops can be adapted to children)

 CDC Atlanta, USA -> X-ray interpretation, ultrasound  

The WFPI has signed Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders' MDR TB manifesto: click here for more details


 TB literature

Childhood Tuberculosis, Dr Bernard Laya M.D., D.O., Leader TB education for WFPI    

Tuberculosis in Children: NEJM 2012;367:348-361 Carlos M. Perez-Velez, M.D., and Ben J. Marais, M.D., Ph.D

Reversal of Misfortunes - South Africa's response to HIV-TB: Feb 2013, Vol 339, www.sciencemag.org    


Global TB actors (click on the images)