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The following message is sent to you at the request of Douglas L. (Rusty) Brown, MD.

Dear Colleagues
If anyone has an interest in doing some teaching of ultrasound in developing countries, there is an opportunity in the highlands of Guatemala.
I worked with this clinic about 5 years ago (they have a compact GE ultrasound machine) and they are looking for someone to come and do more ultrasound training. If you have any interest, let me know ( and I can tell you more.
This opportunity is not sponsored or sanctioned by the SRU, it’s just an opportunity I became aware of.  It would require donating your time and paying your travel expenses (though may be tax deductible).
There are some nearby vacation spots that could be combined as part of a trip.
Rusty Brown





Dr. Nneka Iloanusi, a founder member of the new Nigerian Pediatric Imaging Society (SPIN), is one of the 2 winners of 2014 Heidi Patriquin International Fellowship for SPR 2014, Wahsington DC.